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Specializing in Cataracts Shreveport and Cataracts Minden

Dr. Bruce C. Henderson, Shreveport cataract surgery with Highland Clinic Ophthalmology, and his professional staff provide the highest quality Shreveport eye care available. This Shreveport eye care physician strives to uphold the highest medical standards for Shreveport cataract surgery in the healthcare industry. Dr. Bruce Henderson is an experienced Shreveport eye care physician who specializes in Shreveport cataract surgery, laser vision correction, and general eye care needs. This Shreveport eye care physician uses the latest advances in vision correction technology to provide cataract sufferers with relief from their vision impairment, as well as others who suffer various levels of vision impairment.



Highland Clinic Ophthalmology is proud to announce that Dr. Bruce Henderson leads the industry in advanced surgical glaucoma procedures.  He was recently the FIRST in The Ark-La-Tex to perform the insertion of a Xen Glaucoma Drainage Device for glaucoma treatment. It is one of the newer MIGS (minimally invasive glaucoma surgery) procedures that have been developed in the past few years. Dr. Henderson, just this year, was also selected as the FIRST Ophthalmologist in Louisiana to perform the minimally invasive glaucoma surgery using the Cypass Micro-stent.  He has been a leading force of MIGS in glaucoma surgeries and treatments and has extensive experience with the iStent, as well. The Xen Gel Stent surgery is a stand-alone procedure, while the Cypass and iStent are only approved for use when the patient is also undergoing cataract surgeries.  

Dr. Bruce Henderson not only holds a premier role in advanced surgical procedures, but also continues to be North Louisiana’s most experienced glaucoma surgeon in the use of procedures such as trabeculectomy, tube shunt, micro-pulse laser, SLT laser procedures, and combined cataract/glaucoma surgery. He was the first fellowship-trained glaucoma surgeon in the Ark-La-Tex and has performed thousands of the more complicated combined cataract/glaucoma surgeries over the years.