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Glaucoma Laser Surgery/SLT Laser

Glaucoma Laser Surgery/SLT Laser

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty  (SLT)


 SLT is acronym for Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty.

Trabecular Meshwork or TM is the structure surrounding the edge of the iris.

Its function is to regulate the flow of aqueous fluid.


Pre-Operative Care

Drops are administered to numb eye and prepare it for the SLT procedure.  You will sit at a slit lamp with your chin resting in the chin rest.  A special microscope or slit lamp and a cone shaped contact lens are used to guide the laser beam to the trabecular meshwork where fluid drains from the eye.  Following the procedure, the physician will put drops in your eye to prevent pressure from rising right away.  Some people feel some pressure in the eye during the surgery.



SLT uses a process called “Selective Photothermolysis”.  This process uses a laser to cause a biological effect on only pigmented cells (containing melanin).  Since only these cells are affected, there is little to no damage to the surrounding tissue.  The laser is applied to the trabecular meshwork.

SLT creates an effect called “biophotoactivation”.  Cells stimulated by the laser recruit macrophages, which help clear cellular debris, and work to improve fluid outflow.

The final effect lowers eye pressure.  Fluid flows less restricted through the eye.


Post-Operative Care

Dr. Henderson can perform the surgery in the surgery suite, without being admitted to the hospital.  He will be able to check the patients’ eye within two hours following the surgery, and will require a follow-up exam to release the patient.