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Eye Surgeon of Shreveport

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What to Expect

What to Expect

Please arrive to Dr. Bruce Henderson's Shreveport eye care appointment as close to your appointment time as possible. At check-in, the receptionist will ask you to complete and sign a few documents for your patient file. Please have your insurance cards readily available for the receptionist to copy. Your first visit in our office could last approximately two hours depending on the nature of your eye problem.

  • Dr. Henderson's Shreveport eye care technicians will check your vision with your current glasses (if you wear glasses please bring them).

  • The technicians will determine if your glasses need to be updated by doing what is called a refraction.
    *Medicare does not pay for refraction; refraction is a test that determines if your glasses have changed in power. If you are given a prescription to update your glasses to the new power, there will be a charge that you will be responsible for paying. If you are not given a prescription for new glasses, there will be no charge.
  • The technician will check your eye pressure for glaucoma.

  • The technician will dilate your pupils. 
    *Dilation for most people lasts about three hours before pupils return to their normal size. You may need to have someone drive you home, as your vision may be blurry during the time your pupils are dilated.
  • After dilation, Dr. Henderson will check your eyes by looking through a lens and bright light. (This process magnifies the inside of the eye and helps determine any abnormalities that may be present).
  • You will have a complete and thorough eye exam including the retina, macula, glaucoma and cataract disease.

  • Dr. Henderson will talk to you about the health of your eyes and explain the nature of any diagnosis he may find and treatments options that are available. It is possible Dr. Henderson may order further testing if necessary; all of which are performed in our offices.